Our “Green” Projects

We our proud of attempts to live in a sustainable a fashion as possible. We have invested in PV Panels and heat our water using a Thermondynamic Solar System.


Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water production: Our panels operate on a refrigeration principle and through the use of solar radiation, the heat of the atmosphere, the effect of wind and even rain, the refigerant in the panels is evaporated, increased in temperature & pressure by a compressor. A heat exchanger transfers this heat to the water circuit and the vapour is then throttled back to a fluid and returned to the panels. In this way we can heat our hot water all through the year provided the ambient temperature exceeds that of the coolant in the panels.

PV Panels Our 15 PV panels make up a 3.8KW system to generate electricity when there is sufficent light to do so. In the summer months this system should generate in the region of 400 KWH per month, reducing to around 170 KWH per month over the winter months. With the help of the Exmoor sunshine! we should yield around 3400 KWH over the course of a year.

Please support the conservation of the environment in anyway that you can. We are proud to have links with Freinds of the earth and encourage you to visit their website. http://www.foe.co.uk/